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CCPA: Big step for privacy, small step for taking control of your data

Feb 13, 2020 12:34:43 PM / by Brent posted in CCPA


It’s been a full month now since California’s new privacy law went into effect. The CCPA is landmark legislation for the US so we, as privacy advocates developing tools to help consumers take full advantage of their new rights, wanted to see how the new law is doing. Specifically:

  1. ‌How‌ ‌well are companies complying with the new law?‌

  2. Are consumers in a better position to take back control over our personal data?

We took a deep dive into the websites of 161 of the biggest, most prominent consumer-facing companies across 10 different industries to start to figure that out.

Today, we’ll focus on two key provisions of the CCPA: privacy policy updates and “do not sell” requirements. In subsequent blog posts, we’ll look at how companies are complying with other components of the law.

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