Celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month—Confidently!

October marks the 18th annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month -- an effort to raise the visibility of cybersecurity issues and help all Americans improve their personal online security.

At Confidently, online security and privacy is at the core of our mission. By stopping companies from selling your data and removing your personal info from people-search sites and data brokers, we help our customers prevent future data breaches. Fewer data breaches means fewer phishing attempts. Less chance for ransomware attacks. And reduced exposure to identity theft.

So in honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Confidently is pleased to do our part to help Americans improve their online security with three key new features:

  1. Family plan: We make it easier to protect your entire household. Set up Confidently subscriptions for each of your family members -- at a 50% discount. Just sign up as a customer, then add family members through your Confidently dashboard.

  2. Annual billing: We make it cheaper to protect yourself. Choose our annual billing option -- and get three months free every year. Just sign up as a customer, then change your billing plan through your Confidently dashboard.

  3. New & improved customer privacy dashboard: We’re putting the finishing touches on our new customer dashboard. We’ll make it even easier to see all the work we’re doing on your behalf -- and stay on top of any new leaks or breaches of your data. New customers will get access to our new dashboard next week!

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Together, let’s help every American improve their cybersecurity -- by taking back control of their personal data, all across the internet.

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