Stop the spam!

The bane of our existence: Spam messages.

They fill up our email inboxes, clog up our text messages, and interrupt our days at the most inconvenient times.

Ever wonder why you get so much spam—and what you can do about it?

Of course, like anything, “it’s complicated.” But the root of the problem is that more people and more companies have access to our personal data than ever before. And it’s too easy—and too inexpensive—for them to access your data and contact you via digital channels.

Some of the companies calling, texting, and emailing you are probably businesses you know about, because you signed up directly on their websites or bought a product from them in the past. 

But many companies you’ve probably never heard of. So why are they spamming you?

Some of these unknown companies swapped or purchased your data from a business that you signed up with directly. You may have thought you were just opting in to that one business—but in fact, your data was exchanged without your permission.

Many other of these companies spamming you bought your personal information from a data broker—one of hundreds of different vendors of billions of consumer profiles, including yours. 

It’s a huge problem, and there’s no one “silver bullet” to fix it.

But at Confidently, we’re doing everything we can to turn off the spam spigot for our customers. When you subscribe to Confidently, we remove your profile from the biggest people-search sites, so you’re harder to find online. We instruct data brokers and big consumer brands to stop selling your data, which they are obligated to do under the law.

And we’ll also add you to the FTC’s Do Not Call list, the Direct Marketing Association’s Do Not Email list, and several other Do Not Mail lists.

So if you’re tired of the endless spam calls, emails, and text messages, subscribe to Confidently—and we’ll attack the spam problem for you, head on.

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