Trouble in Paradise at MGM Resorts

Did you stay at any one of the 30+ resorts and facilities owned by MGM Resorts before 2018? Or have friends or family that might have?

There’s trouble in paradise after the personal information of 10+ million MGM Resorts guests was leaked on the internet. (Looks like even Justin Bieber got hit by this one!)

Quick hit:

In July 2019, a data breach at MGM Resorts went under the public radar, with affected guests quietly notified in August 2019. Recently, though, this leak has gotten much more attention -- after the data of all 10.6 million affected guests was posted on a popular hacking site.

Although MGM Resorts has stated that no payment information was ever stolen, personal information such as “home addresses, phone numbers, emails and dates of birth” are among the data leaked. It’s the kind of information that hackers can use to piece together a fuller profile of people, which they can then use for more nefarious purposes.

Check your email inbox, including the spam folder, from August 2019 for any word from MGM about this data breach.

Our take:

Unfortunately, companies getting hacked is nothing unusual these days. But you can protect yourself: Take back control of your personal information by restricting the number of companies who have your data to only the businesses you really value and trust.

If you are a California or Nevada resident and no longer wish to be a customer of MGM Resorts, you can remove your personal information from MGM's database or tell them to stop selling your data by clicking here.

But MGM Resorts is just one company. By deleting your data from the hundreds, or thousands, of companies that have it -- but are not providing a product or service to you -- you can reduce your risk of being part of the next big breach. And that can be very difficult to do on your own.

That's why we launched Confidently Delete: a new service that helps you take back control of your personal data, but does the hard work on your behalf. It would take many days to remove yourself from all the companies that have your information -- including 60+ data brokers that buy and sell your data without your permission. But with Confidently Delete, you can be sure that your data is exactly where you want it -- under control.

Subscribe to Confidently Delete today!

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