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Today we’re proud to launch our premium data breach alert service -- giving Confidently subscribers better & earlier warnings about unauthorized leaks of your personal data, across even more of the internet than before.

Our expanded alerts service now monitors more exclusive sources of data breaches on your behalf, including hacker forums, non-public cybersecurity databases, and more areas of the dark web, to let you know if your personal data has been exposed.

In short, as a Confidently member, we’re monitoring breach activity that’s not generally available to the public -- at no additional cost to you.

Here’s how our expanded data breach alert service works:

  1. We monitor the dark web and other sources of data breaches for you.

  2. If we discover your personal data in a new data breach or leak, we’ll promptly send you an email alert.

  3. That alert will direct you to your Confidently subscriber dashboard, where you’ll see details about the breach and our suggestions for how you can respond.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial to Confidently now -- and get access to this premium data breach alert service!

In the coming weeks, we'll continue to expand our data breach service further so we can share news updates on previous breaches and, soon-to-come, help you demand compensation from companies when they breach your data. 

Thanks for continuing to trust us to help you protect your online privacy.

The fun details: Confidently uses our best efforts, relying on a variety of data breach identification services and dark web monitors, to alert you to potential breaches. While these services are usually very reliable, they can sometimes incorrectly flag an email address as part of a breach -- and they may not identify every specific breach of your personal data.

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